About Marlene Murray


My work is about the landscape, animals and birds where I live, about 150km south west of Sydney in the Wingecarribbee shire and  thirty km west of Bowral and Mittagong. This area sits at about 650 metres on a sandstone ridge on the Nattai plateau and is classified as Woodland Heath, although there are many deep gullies and creeks that provide a counterpoint to the dry woodland and cultivated farms. My studio sits in a small natural valley created by the meanderings of Joadja Creek as it winds down to join the Wingecarribbee River.


The surrounding valleys and hills, there since Permian times provide an ever-changing palette of blues and umbers, sometimes softened by mist and often beaten with hot summer sun. The surrounding sandstone cliffs are ochre coloured shot through with iron red and the old shale layers are exposed at the creek levels.


My paintings and drawings are about how it feels to be in this landscape with all it’s life, dark rocky gullies, scrappy or dense eucalypt forest, intersecting valleys and hills all surrounded with the songs of lyrebirds and wild cries of yellow tailed black cockatoos telling about heavy weather